Add a form to your Skizzar website

There are many types of forms on the world wide web – contact forms, register forms, subscription forms, polls…see, loads! Forms are a great way of gathering information from your visitors and providing an easy way for them to get in touch with you without you having to part with your email address or phone number (since some people don’t like to do that).

Since each form is different, we have created a brilliantly flexible Form Builder widget for Skizzar. This allows you to create the exact form you want on your site.

In this tutorial we’ll look at how to create a simple form and link it to your email address.

Start by logging in and on your site navigate to the customizer. Once in the customizer, you’ll want to go to Edit Layout > *PAGE NAME* Body > Add Widgets and select the Forms widget.

This might look a little scary at first, but it’s simple, instead of columns (like in the content widget) we have form inputs – inputs can be text, email, text area (useful for writting messages), checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown selects.

Start by selecting the input type you want and adding text to the label for that input i.e. First Name (for the visitor to enter their first name). Decide whether you want this input to be required by your visitors (i.e. the form won’t send if it’s not filled in), if so, make sure “Required” is checked.

This next bit is important! Each input needs to have a unique name which it is identified by – unique names MUST BE LOWER CASE and MUST HAVE NO SPACES OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS.

Here is a good example of a unique name for your input:

and here are some bad examples:
First Name
First Name!

As a rule of thumb, make all capital letters small, and replace spaces with either – or _

You can change the width of your inputs by selecting the number of columns it will occupy. This is a great feature if you want First name and Last name to sit in line with each other, then you can make them occupy 6 out of 12 columns each.

Once you have built your form, it is good practice to check it’s going to send to the correct email address. Click on the Settings tab on the right and make sure your email address is entered. You can also set the subject of your emails from this tab too.

Once you’re done, hit Save and Publish and you’re good to go! We recommend sending yourself a test email with your form to make sure it’s all working properly.