Creating Menus

Skizzar has a powerful and flexible menu creation tool allowing you to build several menus, and assign them to different menu areas of your site.

  1. Start off by opening up the customizer and navigating to Menus – here you will see a list of any menus currently existing on your site.

  2. Select a pre-existing menu to edit the contents, or click on Create New Menu to start a new menu

  3. Give your menu a name and click on Add Items to select from a list of pages, posts, categories, tags, projects or to add a custom link to an external site

  4. Once you’ve added items to your menu, you’ll need to assign it to a position on your website. The most common place for a menu is in the header, however, you can also choose footer (the bottom of your site), Top left/right which will add a secondary menu bar to the top of your site and right header menu which is used when you select the split menu header design.

  5. You can reorder your menu items by selecting Reorder or dragging and dropping into place