Creating Projects

The Skizzar projects tool is a great way of creating a portfolio showcase of your work. Projects works in a very similar way to blogging, so if you are familiar with our blogging feature, this will be a walk in the park for you! From the dashboard, navigate to Projects > Add New Project to get started Give your project a title and write up a description of your project. There are a whole bunch of text editor options available to you, […]

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Using your own domain name

When you first sign up for your Skizzar site, you will be given a domain name. However, it is easy for you to use your own domain name in place of this. From your dashboard, navigate to Tools > Domain Mapping In order to map your own domain name, you will need to change a setting within your domain name registrar. This process is slightly different for each registrar, however, the most popular registrars make it relatively easy to access […]

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Button Styling

Buttons and calls to action are a crucial part of your website and it’s important that they are consistently styled across your entire site. You can edit the way your buttons look using the global menu in the customizer, but each widget has its own buttons that allow you to override the global settings on an as-per basis. From within the customizer, navigate to Site Settings >  Buttons Skizzar has two button types for you to style – primary buttons and secondary […]

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Creating Menus

Skizzar has a powerful and flexible menu creation tool allowing you to build several menus, and assign them to different menu areas of your site. Start off by opening up the customizer and navigating to Menus – here you will see a list of any menus currently existing on your site. Select a pre-existing menu to edit the contents, or click on Create New Menu to start a new menu Give your menu a name and click on Add Items to select from a list […]

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Changing Fonts

Skizzar allows you to integrate with Adobe Typekit and Google Fonts. For this tutorial, we are going to look specifically at using the Google fonts library with your website. Open the customizer for your website and navigate to Site Settings > Fonts on the left menu There are four text groups that you can change the font of, these are Body text, Headings, Menu text and Button text. Each font group has a drop-down menu, preloaded with the Google fonts library. Simply […]

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Blogging and Creating Blog Posts

Blogging is an amazing way to boost traffic to your site and ultimately increase your Google page rank, but more than that, it’s just a cool thing to do to keep your visitors engaged with you and your business. Skizzar provides a great blogging platform out of the box and it’s really easy to use too! First things first, let’s look at how to write a blog post. From your Skizzar dashboard, navigate to Blog Posts > Add a new blog […]

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