duplicate page

Step 5 – Adding more pages to your website


Once you’ve finished building your first page with Skizzar, you’ll probably want to add another one!

There are several ways to add a new page to your site:

  1. From the customizer, hover over the Skizzar icon in the top left and click on Add New Page
  2. From the dashboard hover over Pages and click on Add New Page
  3. From the dashboard there is also a quick link button next to the visitor stats graph labelled Create a new page

You can choose from several template presets, or at the very bottom choose blank. Give your page a name and click on Proceed to customizer.

To see a list of your site’s pages, from the dashboard hover over Pages and click on Your Pages. You can click on each of your pages and edit the title, export/import the page layout and make a duplicate of the page (a useful feature if all your pages have similar widgets on them)