7) Adding and editing menus on your Skizzar website

Now that you have created a few pages, you will want to add a menu to your site so your visitors can navigate around.

Open up the customizer to get started and on the left menu, click on Menus

By default, Skizzar creates a menu for you with your first page, click on this menu (it’s called Main Menu). To add more items, click on Add Items – from here you can select Pages, Categories, add custom links and many more filters to add as items to your menu.

Note: Make sure that your menu is assigned to an area of your Skizzar site by checking one of the menu locations on the menu page. By default, the Main Menu is set to appear in the Header of your website.

You can drag and drop menu items to change the order, as well as expand menu items to rename them.

To edit the look of your menu, go back to the main page of the customizer and click on Header > Menu Styling. From here you can edit the look of your menu items, including the colour, text appearance and spacing between menu items.