Integrating Forms with Mailchimp / Creating a Subscribe Form

This Tutorial assumes you have built or know how to build a form using the Skizzar form builder widget. If you don’t know then check out our tutorial on building a form for your Skizzar website here.

We’re going to talk about linking your form with a Mailchimp list. For this, you will need:

Open up the customizer to get started and Shift + Click on your contact form to open the settings (or navigate to Edit Layout > *Your Page* Body > Form)

Skizzar allows you to collect 3 types of data and send it to mailchimp

  1. Email address (required)
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name

So for Mailchimp integration to work you must at least have a form that asks for the users email address.

Once you have built your form, click on the Settings tab on the right and check the Mailchimp Integration – this will reveal the following options:

  • Mailchimp List ID – this is the unique ID for your mailchimp list – find it here
  • Mailchimp API key – this is a unique key for your Mailchimp account – find it here
  • Email Unique ID – this is the unique name for your Email input
  • Fname Unique ID – this is the unique name for your First Name input
  • Lname Unique ID – this is the unique name for your Last Name input

Top Tip: Since the only required field is Email – you can make a super minialist form that just collects an email address – like a standard Subscribe form.

Once you’re done, hit Save and Publish and you’re done


Make sure your unique name for your Email, First name and Last name inputs match up to the Email Unique ID, Fname Unique ID & Lname Unique ID in your widget settings