2) Adding a slider to your site

Adding a striking image to the top of your site is a great way to catch a visitors attention. In this video we look at how to add a slider to the top of your site – this video will also show you the basic concepts of creating page layouts with Skizzar using widgets.

To add a slider to your site,

  1. When logged in, go to your site and click on customize in the admin bar at the top of your site
  2. When viewing your site in the customizer, navigate to Edit Layout > *page name* Body and click on Add Widget
  3. From the list of available widgets, select Slider
  4. You have now added a slider to your page! You can edit the heading, excertp text and button for each slide. If you only have one slide, then it will show as a single image, however, if you have more than one slide then when you hover over your slider you will see arrows that select each slide.
  5. Using the design bar for each slide, you can change the background colour, image and style, change the text location and appearance, add a featured image and change button styles.
  6. On the right hand design bar for the whole slide you can change slider settings (including arrow/dot appearance, slider timing, height and effects)

Don’t forget to hit publish before you close the customizer.