10) Fonts

The right fonts can really make or break your site, so it’s worth taking the time to think about the kind of fonts you want to use. Skizzar integrates with Google Fonts which provides a great and very extensive library of modern web fonts.

On your skizzar site you can apply google fonts to four types of text: Body text, Headings, Menu text and Button text. To change fonts, navigate to Site Settings > Fonts on the main menu in the customizer

Top tip: we like to use this site to find google fonts that work well together.

9) Button styling

With Skizzar it’s possible to add button links to columns, slides and call to action widgets, you can link these to either an external URL or to an existing page on your website.

It is possible to change the overall appearance of the buttons on your site and Skizzar gives you 2 scenarios to do this, 1) button appearance on light backgrounds 2) button appearance on dark backgrounds.

To change these settings, go to Site Settings > Buttons on the main menu in the customizer. From here you can select a background type (solid, transparent or gradient), change the text colour, text appearance and button border settings.

On top of this, each widget allows you to change the button settings which will override the main settings – this is useful if you want a custom button for a particular part of your site.